about us

Why We Exist

People & Planet Group Pty Ltd exists to support governments, companies, NGO's and communities to solve our generation's sustainable development challenge – a challenge unprecedented in human history.

First the good news. Over the last 30 years nearly one billion people around the world have lifted themselves out of poverty. Average real incomes have risen, underpinned by economic growth & wealth creation. More children go to school. Fewer women and children die of preventable diseases and, on average, people live longer, healthier & more productive lives.

So What's The Problem?

Despite this wonderful progress, today one billion of the earth's seven billion people still live in avoidable extreme poverty in a world where humanity's resource consumption is already outstripping the capacity of many of the earth's ecological systems.

And here's the rub. Within a single generation – by 2050 - the earth will be inhabited by an additional two billion people, most of who will be born into poverty.

This is the unprecedented sustainability challenge facing our generation: How to achieve a social floor by providing three billion people with the opportunities to lift themselves out of poverty, without breaking the earth's environmental ceiling in an increasingly resource constrained world.

The scale of the challenge of avoiding a collision between the ecological systems that sustain life and the economic systems that sustain wealth is unprecedented. But so is the prize: A sustainable future in which everyone realizes their basic rights and benefits from the creation and distribution of wealth.

Achieving this prize will take all the innovation, ingenuity, co-operation and political will that humankind can muster.

And this is why People and Planet Group exists.

All of us - governments, corporations, NGO's and communities - are all in unchartered waters.

At People & Planet Group we support and bring together institutions, governments, companies, NGO's and communities to understand the scale of the sustainability challenge our generation faces, and to help our clients develop integrated strategies and outcomes which are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.


People & Planet's vision is of a sustainable world free from extreme poverty where everyone realizes their basic rights and has the opportunity to benefit from the creation and distribution of wealth.


People & Planet Group supports governments, companies, NGO's and communities to achieve economically, socially and environmentally sustainable strategies and outcomes.


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